The Silver Woman

Ayala Bar

Ayala Bar was born and presently resides in Israel. In the late 1980's she surfaced as a prominent Israeli jeweler. Her current designs blend natural elements and glass with assorted metals and fabrics to create a rich mosaic, resulting in the most intricate limited edition pieces.



Firefly jewelry is made by highly skilled artisans in the highlands of Guatemala. It offers intricately embellished jewelry, specializing in innovative color mixes, with the use of Swarovski crystals, and meticulous workmanship, traditional indigenous skills of the people, such as embroidery and weaving, to create elegant and whimsical award winning designs, that are distinctinve and highly desired by the women who collect them.


Jessica DeCarlo

Fast-paced, globally influenced, and buzzing with action: there’s nothing like a trip to New York to make you feel alive. Same goes for Jessica DeCarlo Jewelry, a line of metalsmithed jewelry with raw, urban appeal. Each piece combines edgy city style with a whisper of longing for the quiet of nature—a beautiful sentiment for any woman who cherishes both.

Jessica DeCarlo, designer and founder, began collecting jewelry from around the world at a young age.  Influenced by nature, she has developed her own elegant yet playful style that makes each of her collections unique.

Jessica works out of her Brooklyn studio alongside a small group of Brooklyn artisans, creating jewelry inspired by everything from nature and symbols to every day inspiration from living in NYC.

Jill Fagin (Jillery)

Jillery designs began on a whim in a loft in Greenwich Village. Artist Jill Fagin had previously designed jewelry as a hobby in high school and college. In 1987, fresh out of NYU film school, Jill began a career as a stylist in the film industry. The next year her budding film career was interrupted by the screen writer's strike and Jill revived her hobby by designing and manufacturing jewelry out of her apartment to make ends meet. Her jewelry line was advertised in the simplest of ways – her friends all wore it. A short time later, she and her friends were out on the town and they were spotted and photographed by a reporter for Woman's Wear Daily. That led to the first of many articles about Jillery. Her designs quickly caught on and Jill began selling to stores and fashionable galleries in the New York area. What began as a hobby soon became a sensation. Later, Jill shifted her attention from jewelry to house wares and focused on transforming ordinary, and sometimes dull household items into fun, funky and most important – functional art.

Jillery designs combined metals and colors and set a style standard that no other artist of the time could replicate. The thread of Jill's designs is the use of aluminum throughout every piece. What keeps the work unique is Jill's unwavering commitment to a "hands-on quality approach to all of her designs and products. Each piece is hand-made by skilled artisans in her Greenwich Village studio. Jill is the originator of this sophisticated, yet whimsical style.

As the Jillery line of products has expanded from jewelry to judaica, stemware to serving pieces, and from bar ware to baby, so has its popularity. Jill's distinctive designs can be found in museum shops, galleries, the Jillery retail shop in New York City and fine stores across the United States.

Carole Sousa

Carole Sousa has designed jewelry for more than thirty years. With a BFA in painting from Mass College of Art, she studied jewelry making and taught at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts.

Carole lives and works in Massachusetts, creating original works using all local parts and labor. Each piece is handcrafted from riveted brass, in nickle-free gold or silver plate, with frosted glass and semi precious stones.

The designs vary from contemporary to ornate vintage styles. Each season she finds fresh combinations of color and form.

Ann Egan

Ann Egan studied painting in New York City at the School of Visual Arts. After graduating, Ann soon found a job managing and designing for a jewelry company in N.Y. Designing jewelry quickly became her main creative outlet and, although she had taken metal courses, her approach was more from a painting and designing perspective. Juxtaposing colors and shapes as a painter or a mosaic artist would, she melds together these two distinct art forms to create her own jewelry line, which she started in 1989. Ann now lives in upstate N.Y. in Ulster County with her husband and three children and happily continues to create jewelry there.

Mary Jane Doubleday

Mary Jane Doubleday specializes in elegant, sculptural designs inspired by nature. Each piece of her jewelry is constructed individually by hand. Shapes are sawed from sterling silver, textured, formed with a hammer, and then soldered together to create a graceful finished piece.

Christophe Poly

Christophe Poly creates his jewelry collection with an architectural concept, using materials such as aluminum, brass, acrylic, leather and rubber.

In his work every small part blends in a complex and ingenious construction method.

Each element enriches the design to create a perfect balance resulting in a unique and distinctive design.

Holly Yashi

Holly's inspired approach to jewelry and metalwork has garnered international recognition. From her northern California design studio, Holly has been creating wearable art for over thirty years. An exuberant colorist and pioneer in the use of nobium, Holly has received numerous awards for her innovative designs.

Art By Any Means

Art By Any Means jewelry is designed by Vanessa Gilbert in Gloucester, MA and hand crafted by local townspeople.  Each year they offer two distinct collections, making each piece unique and only available for a limited time.  Gilbert hand-selects an array of crystals and gemstones including smokey quartz, carnelian, lapis, cape amethyst, and dravite tourmaline to form her beautiful designs.


From renowned designer Yoolie Perry-Peleg comes Yoolie’s, unique jewelry inspired by the rich history of textile design and influenced by colors and cultures around the world. The result is jewelry that is not only distinctive and picturesque, but is also worn comfortably and elegantly, expressing the various artistic movements of the past and present.

Yoolie's Jewelry is designed in Israel and the US and is handmade in the USA.

Selen Design

The work of artist / owner Selen Bayrak is instantly recognizable by its striking, bold, tasteful design. Throughout her ever expanding pewter collection lies the spirit of an ancient time where metal smiths hammered their works out by hand, producing art fueled by artistic passion, yet tempered with soulful elegance. Many of her contemporary pieces reflect an abundance of earthy flavor, with textures inspired by the wonders of Mother Nature.

The growing company of Selen Design now includes a new collection, Urban Pewter, that emphasizes fashionable, yet easy-to-wear adornments targeted to the active young professional.